After my supercut of a failed home invasion caught on security cameras went quasi-viral (1/2 million views), Ring made a commercial with my footage and an interview. It aired on the biggest places on TV: NBC Olympics, ABC Monday Night Football, and FOX MLB World Series.
Three industry friends and I started a fake agency called HahaOk, built around a single billboard that we purchased in Oakland. 
On the board we conducted a series of creative experiments, some of which were terribly illegal, like the one where the board asked people to send us money, which then in a livestream (with us wearing masks) we shredded all the cash into a guinea pig's cage for it to defecate on. 
We also used the billboard to put up free ideas that we traded to people and brands in exchange for stuff, as well as a spray-paint-by-number. 
Over the course of 10 years, my posts have made it to the front page of Reddit numerous times, receiving millions of views. This is my most recent effort, when Edward Scissorhands was caught by my security camera paying my house a surprise visit.
We met at a party some years ago. She thought I was hilarious, asked me my handle and we started following each other there and then. It's completely ridiculous to include this in a portfolio so that's exactly why I included it. 
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