Rohit Thawani
Hi. I'm Rohit, a creative director specializing in interactive, digital and social at Media Arts Lab in Los Angeles, working on . 
Finalist for 2021 AdAge Creative of the Year, I wasn't always a Clio, D&AD, One Show, Cannes, Webby, AICP-winning and Emmy-nominated creative. My route to get here was a bit windy, but as my mentor Gandalf the Grey once said, "Not all those who wander are lost."
As a toddler immigrant that came over with my parents from Nigeria to New Jersey, my creativity was developed at an early age. Whether I was formulating clapbacks to my rude elementary school classmates or making excuses for my parents to let me do normal American high school kid things, creativity was my solution. In high school I came up with the Vohit4Rohit campaign slogan, won every single student government election I ran for, and the rest is history. Sorta. 
I began my professional career selling paper and industrial supplies in a situation eerily similar to that of Jim Halpert. After my early years in direct marketing, digital media and digital strategy, I transitioned to creative - making famous work that has never been done before for some of the biggest brands on the planet. Now, the rest is history.