In 2017 I headlined an event at Harpa Hall in Reykjavik where I spoke to a full theatre about the future of advertising. Fortunately, they have yet to ban me from the country.
Every year for over a decade I've hosted my annual Consumer Electronics Show recap to our global network with my findings and insights. I feel like I came back from Las Vegas with COVID in 2020. 
Digiday invited me to speak at their Digiday Conference in New Orleans about up-and-coming apps that advertisers should start looking at. At the last minute, I pivoted to "What Apps Will Advertisers Ruin Next?" True story. 
In 2015 I gave a talk at SXSW titled: When Your Devices Decide to Touch You Back. For a decade I've been a huge proponent of haptic interfaces. Also, one of my featured technologies was Teledildonics. Google it. 
I've presented at SXSW a number of times, but you never forget your first time. Mine was "Reddit, You're Doing it Wrong." My goal was for marketers to use Reddit, a new platform at the time, in a proper and respectful way. This AdAge title really didn't speak to the spirit of my talk and I sorta got killed on Reddit for it. 
Funny story - after this talk, I was approached by the mother of Ross Ulbricht, one of the pioneers of the Silk Road and the dark web who was imprisoned by the feds. My employer at the time suggested it was a good idea to avoid that hot potato. 
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