Lumon Industries is a technology company with a promising new procedure, Severance, that can sever an employee's work life from their home life, so they never have to think about work again. The entire Severance  launch revolved around this miracle procedure coming from a corporation with something to hide...
The very first thing anyone in the world saw from Severance was a cryptic six and-a-half minute video posted by Ben Stiller on his Twitter. No show title, no tv+ logo, no explanation. Only, "Welcome to Lumon."
We launched the first-ever (and still only) fictional company in LinkedIn's history. It took a lot of work and even more partnership. Lumon Industries on LinkedIn is the official page for Lumon, featuring propaganda, er, corporate communications for the business community to see. 13,000 people have already expressed interest in the Severance procedure by following Lumon. 
We even released an official employee handbook inclusive of dress code and company principles. 
The Severance season 1 campaign had arms across everything including Reddit and Twitter, even driving the show to the #1 trending topic. Days before the critically acclaimed finale, we assembled Ben Stiller, Adam Scott, Patricia Arquette and more stars from the series to answer questions on Severance's myriad mysteries. 
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